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If you have used a restaurant point of sale program before, you’ll be familiar with Abacre’s interface. This program includes a self-explanatory interface that comes with big and colorful icons, simple buttons, and drop down menus. Users can enter information into standard forms quite easily using this program.


The idea behind Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale (or any restaurant program, really) is to make adding orders and including order specifics easier. From the standpoint of a restaurant owner, programs like this one provide useful information (such as the name of a cashier or waiter). These added details make Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale an ideal program for a small to medium-sized restaurant.

Main Function

As stated, the main purpose of Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale is to provide restaurant owners and workers with a solid way to track information, enter orders, and help the business side of a restaurant run smoothly. There are a myriad of restaurant programs just like this one out there, but Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale is preferred by many thanks to its simple interface.

Extra Features

While somewhat standard these days, Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale includes an interface that was developed for touchscreen use. Restaurants that have a touchscreen system will find this added feature helpful.


Simply put, all restaurant software is expensive, but that’s the cost of doing business. With this in mind, the $149.99 price tag that’s attaché d to Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale isn’t that high. You can also test out this program for free (limited) for 30-days prior to purchase.

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Reviewed by Danny Mills
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